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so if you read my last lens review »here« and liked the lens, here’s your chance to win the same pair ! [due to a mistake in the order process for this month’s review items] and i figured receiving a giveaway package with just a pair of lens in them was too boring so i bought some extra pink themed kawaii goodies to go with the circle lens uwu
• 1 pair of plano Barbie Lace Violet lens [as shown in picture above] 
• 1 pair of diamond tattoo tights
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[basically all the prizes excluding the tights are pink]
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giveaway ends: April 30th 2014
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good luck and reblog away x 
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New Picture. Pastel Elephant
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imagine a squad of dinosaurs infiltrating north korea and spreading democracy and free speech

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Wanna know what’s fucking annoying about feminism? The fact that at least half of the people that saw they support feminism or want to be treated equally turn around and basically say that instead of equality they want to oppress men instead.
Like for instance; if a girl says she isn’t interested in someone and there’s no way she will ever be and said guy just asks her to give him a chance, girls will rally with her and say it’s her right to like whoever she wants to like. But let’s say a girl came around and said “i like this guy but he won’t take the time to get to know me or give me a chance” then of course this guy is a shallow scum bag and so on and so forth. It’s so hypocritical and stupid and whenever someone speaks against it everyone assumes it’s a horny twenty year old that can’t respect women because half of people who claim to be for feminism can’t see past their own fucking tits and realize that as well as they are entitled to an opinion so are men.
Or how about the popular post going around tumblr with two pictures of an eyebrow side by side, one is arched and done with make up, the other is natural. A guy commented on it saying he preferred the natural look and another guy agreed anD WOAH SUDDENLY MEN AREN’T ALLOWED TO HAVE OPINIONS AND IF THEY HAVE OPINIONS IT’S BECAUSE THEY ONLY THINK WITH THEIR DICKS AND THEY ASSUME WOMEN ARE DOING EVERYTHING FOR THEM (granted this does tend to be a prominent mind set for many men but women express this mindset sometimes too). Yet girls can go ahead and criticize every thing about a man and complain about the dick size of men but yet if a guy were to ever impose a dating restriction on himself based on the size of a women’s breast he is instantly degraded and looked on by society as fifth.
Everyone is so quick to preach about the double standards of the world when it comes to sex but when it’s thrown back at them they throw up petty defenses and act like a child. I just feel to a lot of young girls (i am one myself) that they don’t realize the general picture and focus on oppressing men and opinions that offended them. How about equality in the work place or harassment on the streets? Hell yeah let’s focus on that not a mans opinion that you’re entitled to have but he is not. Mayn i’m all for feminism as long as you aren’t suppressing someone else in the process, and hell a lot of feminists out there are great and know their shit but there’s also a lot that don’t.
Also the argument that men act like that and so should we is
ridiculous because if you’re offended by something, acting in the same general nature won’t solve anything.

I actually probably should’ve started this a different way lol oops. WhaTevr